Terminal_Clip_Innenstadt_Limbecker Platz in the west of the city of Essen served as an area for washing clothes, became a transfer area between the Krupp factory and the city center and was completely destroyed in several nights of bombing. After the Second World War, a large open space was created, which was reoriented in the sense of a car-friendly city contrary to the city plan. In the middle of the street system was the Limbecker Platz stop, which is shown in the VR model. Today there is a shopping center of the same name.
Architects_VR_Clip_Imaginäre Moderne
Main Quarter_VR_Clip_Imaginäre Moderne_The architect Mies van der Rohe designed a head office for the Krupp works in Essen for the company's 150th anniversary. He planned the building for a property visavi the Villa Hügel in Essen Bredeney. The Limbecker Platz VR model places the design near the pre-war factory gate.
Zieh-und Presswerk_VR_Clip_Innenstadt_The pressing and drawing works of the Krupp cast steel factory in Essen were almost completely destroyed in a bomb attack in 1943. The VR model reconstructs the result of the destruction as an independent design.
Zeche Hoffnung_VR_Only a small part of the city of Essen can be visited above ground. The corridors of the Hoffnung colliery below the Hoffnungsstraße reach down to a depth of approx. 1 km.
Main Quarter_VR
Julia B_VR
Zeche Hoffnung_VR
Zeche Hoffnung_VR
#Hoffnungstrasse11_Apartment building on Hoffnungstrasse in downtown Essen.
Künstlerbuch INNENSTADT, 136 Seiten, 60,00 €  Anfrage
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